Discover the best beach in Puerto Rico

What is The Best Beach in Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is filled with culture, diversity, exotic beauty, oasis and relaxation. All of these incredible features make for the perfect vacation destination. From golden and white sand to clean turquoise water, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re traveling with your spouse, friends, family or solo, finding the perfect beach is essential for relaxation. The answer varies based on what you are looking for. Some beaches have more activities than others, but one thing remains, the natural and tropical beauty of the country.

The best beaches in Puerto Rico have the cleanest water, most luscious landscapes and friendly locals. The Caribbean Sea has so much to offer tourists. Whether you are exploring the capital, San Juan, or looking to stay in a smaller beach town, you won’t be disappointed. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most exquisite beaches the country of Puerto Rico has to offer.


Sun Bay Beach

This beach is located near Puerto Rico’s mainland, a close 8 miles away. This beach is known as Isle Vieques. It has over 20 miles of gorgeous, stunning and calming scenery. The parking is plentiful and easy to travel to from San Juan. This beach is undoubtedly magical. In fact, a special and rare occurrence happens after sunset. During the night, the water in the Mosquito Bay glows from the tiny plankton. This causes a beautiful and breathtaking glow to cascade across the surface of the water. Tourists can enjoy this natural phenomenon by reserving a boat tour after sunset.


Isla Verde

This unique beach town is situated in the suburbs of San Juan. The drive from the main city center is quick and easy. The aesthetic is luxurious and features many upscale restaurants, shopping, spas and outdoor activities. The sand is light and dreamy, while the water is blue and crisp. In fact, Isle Verde also features trained lifeguards, showers and accommodations. Fun beach activities are enjoyed at Isle Verde regularly. This includes surf lessons from the locals. The beaches also come with the option to jet ski or parasail.


Condado Beach

This scenic and modern beach is located only a short distance from San Juan’s city center. This makes it the ideal location to visit upon arrival at the airport. The best part of Condado Beach is the diversity. The beach is a favorite amongst celebrities, newlyweds and families. Anyone can enjoy a day at Condado. There are so many options for both old-city tourism and new, modern activities. You can easily take a tour of the historic city during mid-morning and be nestled in paradise by the afternoon. This type of convenience can only be found in Puerto Rico’s unique beach towns.


Ocean Park Beach

Similar to Condado Beach, Ocean Park Beach is very close to San Juan’s city center. This makes it the ideal day trip for exploring all the capital has to offer. However, unlike Condado, Ocean Park is secluded and more private. This is perfect for more intimate moments with friends and family. Often times the hustle and bustle of crowds can take away from a beach’s tranquility. Ocean Park is the solution to this, while still maintaining close proximity to San Juan. The beach was initially designed to imitate Miami’s aesthetic and attract tourism. It remains a hidden gem and features some of the best relaxation San Juan has to offer. Furthermore, the water is a beautiful blue color, deep and rich in minerals. Take a dip or watch the waves roll in seaside, the choice is yours.


What Activities Can I Do at Puerto Rico Beaches?

Similar to the rest of the tourist spots in the country, the beaches have everything you could want for a seamless vacation. This includes food, tours, wildlife, shopping, city life, museums, parks, gardens and so much more. In terms of water sports, surfing, canoeing, sailing, kayaking and swimming are among the most popular. Don’t worry if you’re not a pro at these activities, there are plenty of local lessons to take part in during your time at the beach. If you prefer a city experience, the sights and beachfront shops are essential to visit. You can discover handmade clothing and jewelry, local artisan-crafted products, gifts to bring back with you and the opportunity to interact with local sellers and merchants. Tourism is a major part of Puerto Rico’s economy.


How Do I Find The Best Place to Stay?

The next question many travelers and tourists have is surrounding accommodations. It is very important to have proper accommodations, especially within close proximity to all the activities you want to do. This is why Key Host features the finest selection of safe, beautiful, luxury and modern accommodations near San Juan. If you are in need of a convenient and easy rental for your time in Puerto Rico, look no further than Key Host. Their nightly prices are affordable and feature unique scenery and apartments, condos and homes for rent. Whether you are planning a trip for two, four or solo, you will not be disappointed with the extensive range of properties found at Key Host. They believe the customer comes first and aim to provide next-level service to each and every traveler. If you are interested in the finest accommodations at the best rates, consider reaching out or sending a booking inquiry to Key Host.


Booking Your Best Beach Trip

There are a few aspects to keep in mind when booking your best beach vacation. For example, you may want to avoid high peak times of crowds to have a more relaxing atmosphere. Furthermore, if you are traveling with kids, you may want to ensure the beach has lifeguards, bathrooms and changing areas. Lastly, when booking a beach trip, it is always important to consider weather and local storm warnings. Due to its tropical nature and location in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico can experience a variety of weather forecasts. You’ll want to make the right preparations for a beautiful, enchanting and unforgettable trip.

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